We could not image having done this without Sarah! Nor would we have wanted to. From the moment I first met Sarah, I knew she possessed more passion for and knowledge of supporting mothers through the birth process than anyone I had met. As a first time mom, it can be scary and overwhelming trying to make sure you are prepared.

I knew there was something about Sarah that made me more level-headed and calm. I felt like we were always on the same wavelength which is hard to describe, and I feel so fortunate and blessed that Sarah was able to support and guide Jacob and me through bringing our baby boy into this world. I recognize that being a doula can be very demanding and take a toll physically and emotionally, but we never noticed anything but smiles on Sarah’s face and she was always our rock. Thank you Sarah for being there for us and we look forward to having you at our future births!”

- Brittany, Long Beach 


Sarah was an outstanding birth support. I had a very fast active labor and it hit me very hard, but I felt so strong, not once doubting I could do it because of her support. She had lots of tools she used to help me along including breathing, massages, help with different positions. I felt so safe and grounded. Giving birth is no walk in the park, but with Sarah by my side I enjoyed it very much! She also took lots of pictures and even some videos that I cherish! I will forever remember the birth of my daughter as a beautiful experience and I am so proud of myself! Thank you for your support, Sarah!

- Annie, Long Beach, CA

As a first time father, every aspect of the birth experience is fraught with danger.  Fear this, worry about that.  Society had long instilled in me how hard the processes of pregnancy, labor and aftercare would be.  That was all until I met Sarah.  Through patient conversation, an open heart and well-structured activity she led two new parents along with grace and ease.  By the time she brought several home-cooked meals over to our home in the middle of the night to sway with my wife through her contractions we couldn't articulate it but we knew we were ready to welcome our child.  If we are fortunate enough to bring another life into this world our first priority will to make sure Sarah is involved in every step of the journey and in the room those vital hours where both husband and wife have never needed the support more.

-Brian, Long Beach, CA

"I always knew that I wanted a doula there when I gave birth. I never imagined that she would be someone as special as Sarah, or that I would rely on and trust her as deeply as I did. In the beginning, I labored at home, through the night, while everyone else in the house slept. After several hours of moving around slowly and moaning through waves, things got more intense and I couldn't distract myself. I began to feel a lot of doubt and worry, and so we called Sarah for support. She arrived at our house just before the sun came up, and she was so warm and calm and comforting. She pressed on my hips and she listened to me and validated my every experience. Later on, she fed me spoonfuls of good food to keep my strength up, poured water down my back in the birthing tub, and held space for all of the fear and doubt and darkness that can come near the end of a long labor, right before you meet your baby. Sarah helped me through the hardest thing I've ever done. I wish that every birthing woman could feel the love and support that I did from her in those moments."

-Aimee, Long Beach, CA

"Sarah came to my mother blessing and poured herself into the mix of my dearest comadres. On birthing day, she had a goodie bag of honey sticks, teas, fresh lemons, dark chocolates, oils, sprays, rebozo, yoga mat, heating pads, cooling pads, and so much more. She read my face, she listened to my words deeply, she communicated with my husband and our magnificent midwife Krystel of Taproot Midwifery, she was so there for me in every wave, every bellow, every break - in all moments, so devoted to me. She was one of the first precious people who met and touched my baby joy, my Olympia. She was one of the first people to witness me become a mother of two. She wrote my birth story. She was my memory, with integrity, respect, and love." 

- Celine, Long Beach, CA


"It is incredibly rare that you meet someone so perfectly in tune with their calling, but such is the case with Sarah. She came highly recommended by several women whose input I respected. From the moment we met her, there was an instant connection. Sarah could not have been a better fit for our family. She was confidently on board with our birth goal of an unmedicated VBAC and I absolutely love how much she considered my husband's role in this birth experience. 

She has the strength, wisdom and love of a thousand mamas all wrapped up inside of her. For every complaint or challenge I presented her with she offered me a positive solution or a positive perspective that was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. There were times during labor when all I wanted was her, and she was there.

When I reflect upon my birth experience, it was absolutely everything I could've hoped for, and I'm so thankful to her for walking with us through it. I'll always have a large part of my heart reserved for Sarah."

-Daniela, Long Beach, CA

"I enjoyed this birth much more than my previous birth experiences. I loved Sarah's soup right after birth, and having her on hand for support right after. Having her calm presence there, and her support for my partner and midwife was so beneficial. " 
- Desiree, Long Beach